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Attorney To Help You Start Up Your Dream

If you have reached a point in your life when you are ready to take the first step of fulfilling your dream of owning and operating your own business, congratulations. At Andresen & Associates, we have worked with many individuals, families and entrepreneurs who are excited about their future.

From our offices in East Dundee, Illinois, and downtown Chicago, we advise and represent entrepreneurs, owners of startup businesses and licensed professionals throughout the Greater Chicago metropolitan area.

We Never Forget: Your Success Is Our Success

Our firm provides entrepreneurial startups and small-business owners the one-stop services that they need for success.

Before you take the next step, call us to discuss how our business transactional services can help you with:

  • Starting a business from the ground up
  • Purchase agreements, buying the assets of another business
  • Vendor contracts and distribution agreements
  • Employment law
  • Working with independent contractors
  • Reviewing commercial property and equipment leases
  • Trademark, copyright and intellectual property protection

Entrepreneurship law
Whether you are an entrepreneur ready to act on a great idea or an investor offering financial backing, discuss your next move with us. We will help you avoid the unseen pitfalls that many entrepreneurs overlook, and lay the legal groundwork for a successful business venture. We can help you resolve a single legal matter or will start working toward building a long-term relationship you can trust and count on as you build your success.

Contact Us To Meet With Startup And Small Business Lawyer Scott Andresen

We offer personalized client service and customized strategies that sets the foundation for your business’ success — now and long into the future.

Call us at 773-572-9986 or schedule a free consultation by email to discuss your dreams with attorney Scott Andresen as soon as possible.

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