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Andresen & Associates
Legal Counsel for Businesses, Entrepreneurs, Sports and Entertainment Professionals and more.

Diligent Guidance Through Business Transactions

Getting the legal details done right and done quickly is the foundation of every successful business. Under the direction of attorney Scott Andresen, the lawyers of Andresen & Associates have extensive experience in negotiating and creating the agreements that every business needs.

Handshake Agreements Are A Thing Of The Past

Before you sign a contract or agree to anything in negotiations, it makes sense to understand every line — and what the court might find between the lines. Whether you are concerned about a single line of a contract or need on-going outside legal counsel for your business, Andresen & Associates attorneys have the experience you can trust.

From office locations in East Dundee, Illinois, and downtown Chicago, we provide legal counsel for business owners throughout the Greater Chicago area. Call us at 773-572-9986 for a free consultation.

We regularly help owners of startup and small businesses with business transactions matters such as:

  • Business legal disputes and dispute resolution through skilled negotiations
  • Drafting, reviewing and revising business agreements
  • Entrepreneurship services for inventors, business operators and financial backers
  • Property acquisition, leases and sales agreements
  • Copyright and trademark registration, confidentiality agreements, intellectual property law
  • Licensing and partnership agreements with sports and entertainment enterprises

Successful Small Business Law Is All About Attention To Detail

Our attention to detail and commitment to customized documents for each client provides a level of legal protection not seen from “of-the-shelf” agreements or do-it-yourself legal services. We help business owners implement a sound legal strategy that not only helps them build a foundation from which their business can grow, but also helps prevent legal disputes with employees, customers, partners, vendors, landlords and the like.

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