Dedicated & Efficient

I have known Scott for two decades and always found him to be dedicated, efficient and extremely good at what he does. He is well-respected in the legal profession for his abilities and demeanor alike. If I ever need a lawyer in Chicago, Scott is my first call.

-JEFF BIRREN, General Counsel (Retired), Oakland Raiders

Tremendous Work

For many years, Scott has been the IHSA’s attorney when it comes to trademark and related work. During my tenure as the Executive Director, Scott did tremendous work for us and guided us through both complicated and more routine issues. He has a great grasp of this unique area of law and the ability to effectively communicate with his clients. He always had our best interest in mind and was very responsive to our needs and concerns. He is a trusted, bright, and valued partner of ours. I highly recommend him.

-MARTIN HICKMAN, Executive Director (Retired), Illinois High School Association

Dependable Advocacy

No matter how complicated my issue, I can always depend on Scott to counsel me professionally and competently. Smart and generous to a fault, Scott has always put my needs above anything else.

-ADAM ROCKOFF, Film and Television Producer, Flashrock Films

Extremely Responsive

Scott is extremely responsive and informative whenever we are in need. Beyond his legal expertise, Scott knows what it means to be a business owner and has become someone I turn to for general business advice on a number of topics and issues. Best of all, when you need a “pit bull,” Scott can bark and bite with the best…while also calming your nerves when it’s important to act with a level head. If you are lucky enough to hire Scott, you will quickly realize that you’ve not only hired a solid attorney, but a trusted adviser and all-around great guy.

-MATTHEW BATT, Founder, Communications Pipeline and ParentFeed

Top of His Game

B2 Enterprises has been a long-time client of Scott’s and would recommend him to all. He has reviewed and edited many endorsement and sponsorship contracts for our NFL player clientele, while also helping in different lawsuits against various entities. Scott is always on top of his game.

-BRIAN BRADTKE, Athlete Agent, B2 Enterprises

A True Professional

Scott is not only impressive on paper, but in person as well. He knows what it takes to get a deal done and will make sure that the client comes first. Even though I am in South Florida, I do not hesitate to contact him for guidance in the areas of sports/entertainment law as well as other general business matters. He is truly a professional in every sense of the word.


Your Best Ally

Scott not only has an incredible wealth of knowledge and skill in sports and entertainment matters, but he also has a great mind for business law. Contracts, corporate strategy, intellectual property, risk analysis…you name it, Scott is your best ally. I can’t say enough great things about Scott as an expert in sports, entertainment and business legal matters.

-STUART CARD, Founder, Savannah Taste Experience

Excellent Attorney

As the CEO of a company with over 500 professional sports teams and many well-known companies as clients, I always find myself needing legal advice and services “yesterday” or with very little advanced notice. Scott Andresen has always been there when I needed him. I have found him not only to be an excellent attorney, but also to be ultimately personable in dealing with everyone on my staff. I have a level of trust and confidence in Scott that is often reserved for very close friends.

-JEFF NEWMAN, President (Retired), SFC USA

Invaluable Counsel

I have known Scott through my collegiate and 13-year professional basketball careers. Since my retirement as an athlete, Scott has been a trusted ally in launching my “second career.” In addition to creating by 501(c)(3) organization, he has also provided invaluable legal and business counsel in all other aspects of my various entrepreneurial endeavors.

-KIWANE GARRIS, Professional Basketball Player (Retired) and Entrepreneur